With a very simple but clever toy concept, Lalaboom offers a bunch of educational functions to develop kid’s skills from 10 to 36 months. Lalaboom is about big and colourful beads with 5 activities in 1. The Snap function, starting from 6 months, is a primary function about manipulation, sensory exploration of various beads textures, colour recognition, gross motor skills development, eyes and hand coordination. The Twist open & close, starting 10 months works with a screwing system that allows to open and close each bead easily for fine motor skills and coordination stimulation. The Combination mix & match, starting 18 months, allows the child to interconnect all beads with unlimited combinations and play with colours and textures. With the Construction game, starting 20 months, the child can use whole beads or half beads to stack them together, then divide and swap any part of the construction; accessories allow to enhance construction and create flowers and multidirectional combinations. The Lacing function, starting 24 months, allows the child to easily string several beads, thanks to the inner hole of each bead.