Magformers is the global leader in magnetic construction toys for children. Magformers provides ideal Fun-Value to children by integrating inspiring play with education. Based on the brand essence “3D Brain Development,” Magformers delivers a unique constructional play experience to children and supports Self-Mathematical Thinking, Self-Directed Learning, and Creative Thinking.
Magformers inspires our children, the potential creators of the future. With various magnetic pieces in geometric shapes, children could easily construct their own three-dimensional sculptures with Magformers by using the power of rotating magnets. They can design and build as they imagine. With high quality, durable construction, and intelligent magnetic design, the possibilities are unlimited.
Magformers conforms to EU safety and health and environmental requirements. Every magnet is encapsulated with the utmost security, delivering a safe, long-lasting play experience. MAGFORMERS is committed to providing reliable and safe products with the best quality to children.