Waboba is a family-owned global company based in Stockholm, Sweden. They’re big kids at heart and take having fun just as seriously as making high quality products that make people want to play all day!
They create innovative toys and sporting goods that get kids, families, friends, outside to play. It has always been their mission to keep life fun by creating endless ways to play on land or in the water. Waboba is most well-known for inventing the original ball that bounces on water. There are now over 10 different types of water bouncing balls in the Waboba water ball family, which has certainly changed the way people play at the pool and beach. And now the Moon ball, the super-bouncing ball, also became a best seller for land fun!
Since 2005, they have been dedicated to developing a wide variety of fun products for people to enjoy, because they believe they can connect people with a simple belief of having fun and playing together. Because when you do, there are no differences between you and your mate. Nor do you think about any stress in your life.