Who we are

More than 40 years of experience in the toy industry

Selegiochi has been in the toy market for over 45 years, distributing both historical and new brands.  Through this long history, Selegiochi has adapted itself to market developments and to the needs of new generations of children, while remaining faithful to the values that inspired the company’s establishment: recognising that play is a fundamental element in a child’s development and growth, and how the playing function, the quality and duration of a toy overrides any passing fashions.

Our brands

Selegiochi brands and products are distributed throughout the territory, in the best toy shops and in the historic Città del Sole chain of creative game stores selling in Italy since 1972.

Some of the brands distributed by Selegiochi are famous worldwide, either with a long history behind, such as Schleich, Galt and Little Tikes or new brands with great potential that have emerged on the international market with an innovative approach to playing, while still seeing toys as a classic, timeless objects that help children grow and learn while playing and having fun.

The products distributed combine tradition, quality, design and innovation.  Selegiochi catalogues include the widest selection of animal reproductions, soft toys for early childhood, wooden toys, rocking horses, scooters, educational games, science games, magic games, bath games, art and creativity, dolls with the highest attention to details, magnetic constructions, board games, all for learning while having fun.

They are all simple, classic and timeless toys allowing full rein to children’s imagination, toys to discover, which grownups will remember and would like to transmit to their children, and newer games, for all ages, which reflect the dynamism and imagination in the world of toys.  There is no age or time of playing that cannot be satisfied, inside and outside of home.

A certainty for over 40 years


More than 4000 square metres warehouse, rapid and efficient deliveries throughout the country


With great professionalism, always giving backing to retailers and producers


In the materials selected, in the game functions and in the attention to details


The best brands and games, carefully selected from the best that the international market has to offer


Proficiency and knowledge of the sector in over 45 years on the market


Constant attention to new games and ideas in a market with great initiative and in constant movement

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